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diane von furstenberg hearts expandable 21" flight bagDiane Von Furstenberg's Book of Beauty

First published in 1979, this book is an account of Diane Von Furstenberg's life. The details of her life are interspersed with detailed advice on health, beauty, diet and exercise, skin and hair care, fashion and more.

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A Signature LifeDiane - A Signature Life

This book was first published in 1998. Diane wrote it in celebration of her approaching 50th birthday. In the book, she tells of her aspirations to make her style as popular with the younger generation as it was in the 1970s. She shares her personal and professional tales of achievement and disappointment.

In the book, you will learn how she felt being an entrepreneur and a single mother, how things went wrong for her, and how she recovered. Many people will find her personal story inspirational.

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The WrapDiane Von Furstenberg - The Wrap

A history of the wrap dress, originally created by Diane in the 1970s. At that time, Diane had no idea of how successful the wrap dress would be, nor how successful she would become. In the age of sexual freedom and equal rights, the wrap dress became the embodiment of power and freedom.

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BedsDiane Von Furstenberg - Beds

Everyone needs a beautiful and comfortable bed, including DVF. This book will show you photos of bedrooms in some of the most exclusive homes across Europe, the US and the Far East. In all, 170 bedrooms are featured, in buildings as diverse as castles, farms and palaces. Some belonged to historical characters, some to the stars of today. All will inspire you to create your own amazing bedroom.

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the bathDiane Von Furstenberg - The Bath

First published in 1993, this book is a celebration of the ordinary events that make up our lives. In this book, Diane shows us her fascination with everything routine. This book features 175 colour photographs of amazing baths and bathrooms from all over the world. She explores the link between a nicely designed home and one's own well being.

This book contains five chapters full of fact and fantasy. If you have ever wanted to learn about the history of the bath, this is the book you have been searching for. You will discover ancient folklore surrounding the bath, and you will also learn some "do it yourself" aromatherapy techniques to be used when taking a bath. The five chapters are called:

In these chapters, you will learn how ancient civilisations embraced the need for cleanliness. For example, the Greeks believed that taking a cold shower made you stronger, whereas the ancient Egyptians believed that bathing was necessary to purify themselves before prayers. Diane also describes the legendary healing powers of mud baths, thermal baths and water rich in minerals, and you will discover the location of such baths all over the world.

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the tableDiane Von Furstenberg - The Table

This book was published in 1996. In true Diane style, it features thirty-three unique table settings, with recipes to match the surroundings. Examples of recipes with matching decor include:



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