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Diane Von Furstenberg Sues Forever 21 and Target

dvf cerisierForever 21 Pine Cone

On the left is Diane Von Furstenberg's Cerisier dress. On the right is Forever 21's Pine Cone design. Looks like a deliberate copy to me. What do you think?


Below left is DVF's "Spotted Frog" design, right is Target's version of the dress.

Of course, the DVF dresses are made of pure silk and will fit the way only designer dresses seem to. Nevertheless, it does seem that the spirit of Diane's designs has been taken by these retailers.

dvf spotted frog dressTarget copy of spotted frog design

Diane Von Furstenberg (DVF) : Dresses

diane von furstenberg gypsy style dress - Nelly - Spring Summer 2009

A brief history of Diane and that Wrap Dress

It's been a long time since Diane Von Furstenberg achieved acclaim in 1972, with her easy to wear jersey wrap dresses. She now still creates fashionable and easy to wear dresses, and is at the head of a fashion empire with sales that will gross almost £100 million this year alone.

Since 1972, Diane has seen her fashion empire rise, and fall, and rise again. After her success in 1972, and the subsequent sale of close to 5 million wrap dresses, the sales stopped. She sold the licences to her business to avoid bankcruptcy and returned to Europe. However, in 1992 she started her comeback. She started a line called "Silk Assets" for QVC, which gave her confidence to start high end designing again. A core design was the reintroduction of the wrap dress, which made it to Saks 5th Avenue store in New York in 1997. Now her designs are as popular and as sort after as ever, including the latest version of her trademark wrap dress.

Diane Von Furstenberg has sued Target and Forever 21, low cost fashion superstores in the US, for deliberately copying her designs (see right). She is also an outspoken critic of undesirable factors in the fashion industry, including underweight models. She feels passionately that the fashion industry has a duty represent the image of a healthy woman. She also feels that the diversity of different cultures is not sufficiently represented on the catwalk - indeed, she has encouraged members of the Council of Fashion Designers of America, of which she is president, to include more representatives of different cultures in their fashion shows.

Below are some photos of Diane Von Furstenberg's latest dresses from her Autumn Winter 2011 /2012 collection, which are available to buy online in the UK, worldwide delivery is available with a UK sales tax (VAT, currently 20%) refund given to customers who live outside the European Union.

Click here to browse DVF dresses

dvf dresses autumn winter 2011 2012

Here are a selection of dresses from past seasons:

dvf dresses autumn winter 2008


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