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Diane Von Furstenberg (DVF) : Fragrance

tatianafragrance -  d by diane von furstenbergDiane Von Furstenberg introduced the Tatiana fragrance in 1975. It is named after her daughter. It is a floral, romantic fragrance with notes of jasmine and orange blossom. This fragrance is not always easy to find in the shops.

Diane Von Furstenberg's latest fragrance is called simply "D". She introduced it in 2003. It is a soft, sensual fragrance, smelling of violets, ylang ylang, aromatic woods and hints of spice. Not too strong, the scent will last up to ten hours.

There is currently talk of a new fragrance that Diane Von Furstenberg will be introducing in conjunction with Chantal Roos, the former chief at Yves St Laurent Beauté. Watch this space for more details...

Although Diane Von Furstenberg has had her own make up range in the past, she currently releases just one signature lipstick a year to complement her clothing collections.






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