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The Silver Sutra Diamond Watch

Diane Von Furstenberg silver watch sutra diamondThe watch on the left is one of Diane Von Furstenberg's latest creations. Calle the Sutra Diamond watch, it has the latest generation Swiss-quartz movement and the case is absolutely unique - it is made from clear sapphire crystal, that has been multi-facetted by hand into an asymmetric design. It has a triple looping satin strap. It would look stunning with one of DVF's Silver Sutra bracelets. It's on sale at Matches Fashion for an eye watering £6,100 (or (£5,304.35 excluding VAT if you live outside the EU). But it is beautiful...

The Silver Sutra Bracelets

Diane Von Furstenberg silver sutra bracelet - large linksdvf silver sutra bracelet - medium linksDiane Von Furstenberg has added to her jewellery collection with two glorious solid silver oversized Sutra bracelets, which can be worn singly or piled together on your wrist depending on the look you want to create. Ever present is the Tibetan love knot, which is the DVF signature emblem that is featured frequently on the DVF jewellery range. You can go for the really large links to make a powerful fashion statement (see image on the left), or if you prefer, you can choose the slightly smaller linked bracelet (see right). Both styles are available in gold or silver.

Of course, you can mix silver bracelets with gold for a funky and individual look that will go with most outfits.

diane von furstenberg power ring

dvf rock pendantdvf rock pendantdiane von furstenberg dold power ringThe Power Ring and Matching Rock Crystal Pendants

The power ring is one of Diane Von Furstenberg's iconic designs. It is a very bold ring, for a bold and powerful woman. The beautiful rock crystal is cut into facets reminiscent of an antique diamond. Yet there is nothing antique about the appearance of this ring. It is set in solid, polished, 18 carat yellow gold. It will make a great style statement for the fashion conscious business woman of today.

The rock crystal itself is said to bring luck to the wearer, and enable the wearer to see into the future

Diane also has two pendants available to match the Power Ring. One comes with its own chain. Both feature a rock crystal set in 18 carat yellow gold. There is also a smaller version of the Power Ring available.

dvf talisman charm heartThe Talisman Charms

Diane Von Furstenberg has created a range of 18 carat solid yellow gold charms, known as Talisman, that can be worn in a variety of ways. You could wear them as stunning charms on a charm bracelet, wear them as pendants threaded onto a gold chain or go for a contemporary look by threading them onto a leather cord. You could even use them to personalise a pair of hoop earrings for a very individual look.

The heart charm, pictured right, is made of polished gold and is said to bring the wearer good luck. Other charms in the collection include Tibetan Love Knots and a Gingko Biloba Leaf. Gingko Biloba is an ancient Chinese herb associated with good health and a long life. Gingko itself is the oldest known plant in the world.

dvf earringsThe Earrings

The DVF signature earrings (pictured left) are a stunning mix of pearl and ruby stones, with the Tibetan Love Knot detail. These earrings have a very romantic feel to them and would make a great present for the lady of your life. They also look dramatically sexy as they drop from the earlobe to make a uniquely sensuous fashion statement.

Other earrings in the collection include both classic and bold sized Tibetan Love Knot earrings, created from 18 carat solid yellow gold. These earrings are extremely versatile, and can be worn during the day or in the evening.

The Bracelets

Again, the Tibetan Love Knot design features heavily in the DVF bracelet collection. There are three stunning designs to choose from. The first two are both made from solid yellow 18 carat gold. One is a bold, chunky bracelet, the other is of a similar design but more classically styled with less weight. Both feature a cute little Tibetan Love Knot charm near to the clasp. Each of the bracelets have words engraved on some of the links. These words are the nine words that have inspired Diane Von Furstenberg throughout her life and her career. They are: love, creativity, laughter, freedom, harmony, abundance, knowledge, peace and integrity.

The final bracelet is, unusually, made from 18 carat white gold. It is more of a bangle than a bracelet, and the centre piece is a Tibetan Love Knot set with hundreds of tiny diamonds. Absolutely stunning, this piece would be a mainstay of your jewellery collection for years to come.

dvf bracelet tibetan love knot



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